OCD in Children

Understanding the causes of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is critical in freeing your children from its grip. Unfortunately the medical community has yet to determine what causes Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but 25 years of psychological research has uncovered some answers.

OCD in Children Facts:

  • 1% or 1 in every 100 children suffer from OCD
  • The average age a child develops symptoms of OCD is around 10 years old (although it can occur from pre-school through adulthood)
  • If the parent had OCD as a child there is a 13% chance their children will have OCD
  • On average people see 3-4 doctors and spend 9 years before OCD is even properly diagnosed
  • On average it takes 17 years before someone with OCD gets proper treatment

This is outrageous!
If you even suspect OCD in your children… take action now!

OCD in Children Symptoms

Most children with OCD will fall into one of these categories.

  • Washers are afraid of germs and dirt. This usually shows itself in the need to continually wash and re-wash their hands.
  • Checkers are continually checking to make sure everything is ok. This could be checking and re-checking the lights are off, their favorite toy is in the correct place. Everything has to be just perfect and they check and re-check to make sure it is. This can also show in continually re-doing homework problems over and over even though it is correctly done.
  • Symmetry must have everything placed just right. Everything has it’s place and it has to be perfect!
  • Counters are obsessed with numbers and counting. They may have unlucky numbers that they skip when counting or avoid having that many pieces of candy or that many toys out.
  • Hoarders are afraid something will go wrong or they will be punished if they throw something away, so they tend to be pack-rats.
  • Doubters are afraid they will be punished or something will go wrong if everything isn’t just right or performed in a certain ritualistic way.

Help Stop OCD in Children

  • 4% of adults or as many as 1 in 25 adults show signs of OCD
  • So, there is a pretty good chance that you show some signs of OCD or you have had OCD in the past

You can help yourself as well as help your children with OCD symptoms.

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